Home-made with fresh ingredients, everyday.

At La Cigale, our mission is simple – to create a place to enjoy the classic goodness of homemade ice cream. While we offer over 26 ice cream and sorbet flavours daily, La Cigale’s charms extend beyond our fresh ice cream. We work hard to create a place to relax and escape the stresses of daily life in the garden behind our shop.
Whether you are the more adventuresome type who would enjoy one of our original flavour creations such as Gingersnap and Chai, or you prefer one of the classics such as Pralines and Cream, (made with homemade praline of course!), we think we have something for everyone. Fresh waffle cones are another of our specialities. Made daily, the smell alone will make the decision for you. Milkshakes, sundaes, ice cream cakes, and homemade pies….we do them all. We even make our own ice cream sandwiches. For those with food allergies or sensitivies, our sorbets are dairy free, we have a gluten free cone option, and for those with severe nut allergies, we supply a pre-wrapped ice cream sandwich that is gluten and nut free. Crafted on the premises in small batches from real cream, we make ice cream the way it should be made. Get real, and enjoy the best!


Incredible-edible true flavours of ice cream.

Apple Pie

I love hearing people’s comments when they try this ice cream…"Wow, it really tastes like apple pie!"

Banana Skor Walnut

Banana and nuts are a natural combination, but add the crunch of toffee and this one rises to a whole new level.


Simple and sophisticated through and through.


This one never disappoints. Dark and rich, our chocolate will satisfy any chocoholic.

Chocolate Hazelnut

There is something so very comforting about hazelnuts. Here we’ve paired it with a creamy milk chocolate so it doesn’t overpower the delicate flavour of the nuts.

Chocolate Mint

We use fresh mint from our backyard for this one, which is why it isn’t available until June. But well worth the wait, this chocolate mint is fresh and delicate. A beautiful combination.

Chocolate Orange

When people try this flavour, we most often hear it compared to a Terry’s chocolate orange. If you don’t know a Terry’s chocolate orange, it tastes like chocolate and orange.

Chocolate Truffle

We make our own dark chocolate truffles, chop them up and add them to a milk chocolate base. A chocoholic’s dream!

Chocolate Peanut Butter

I’ve had people knock on the door after we’re closed begging for this flavour. We add bits of Crispy Crunch, so you know it’s good.

Coconut Cashew

Sweet and salty at it’s best.

Cookie Dough

We make our own cookie dough, then add it to a light caramel ice cream. Delish!

Dulce de Leche

Dulce de leche is a popular South American caramel. Made by cooking a sweetened milk for hours until it turns a rich, creamy caramel. Our kitchen smells amazing when Maggie is preparing this flavour.

Gingersnap & Chai

One of my more inventive flavours. This one tastes like ice cream with Grandma’s spice cake. Surprisingly one of our more popular flavours ….. After chocolat, of course!

Lemon-Cassis Cheesecake

One our best flavours in my opinion. Cassis is a black current and the contrast in colour to the lemon makes it as beautiful as it is delicious. Licorice: One of our least popular flavours. … but those who like it, love it. We make the licorice from scratch so it packs a punch. Warning, it will turn your tongue black, but licorice fans don’t seem to mind.

Key Lime Pie

Inspired by my mother-in-law, and one of my husband’s favourite flavours. Tangy and sweet, fresh and yummy. Made with both lime juice and lime oil, there’s no wondering what flavour this is.


We avoid artificial colours at La Cigale, so the pale yellow colour of this flavour often misleads people. This lemon is tangy, creamy, full of lemon and absolutely beautiful!

Malted Milk

This is a tricky one to describe. Many people aren’t familiar with malt, but if you’ve ever had a Malteser or Wopper candy, you’ll know what I’m talking about. It’s not a flavour you see too often these days, but it’s one of my favourites.

Maple Walnut

The sweet flavour of maple syrup pairs really well the earthy flavour of toasted walnuts to create this Canadian classic. This is one of our biggest seller.

Mocha Chocolate Almond

This flavour has been with us since the first days of La Cigale, and for good reason. Rich chocolate and coffee are made for each other. Now toss in handfuls of chocolate covered almonds and you can understand why this flavour has such staying power.

Pralines & Cream

We make our pralines fresh for this flavour. Candy coated toasted pecans in a light caramel ice cream makes this a rival flavour for Maple Walnut fans.


We make our own pistachio paste for this flavour. Toasted pistachios, pureed with pistachio oil means an authentic pistachio taste.

Raspberry White Chocolate

This flavour starts with our white chocolate ice cream and then we swirl homemade raspberry sauce through it. Beautiful and delish!

Rum & Raisin

A classic to be sure and a flavour that has perhaps fallen out of fashion in most places, but also a flavour that is worth revisiting. Plumb rum flavoured raisins are delicious in cream. And every year at training we find a couple of our staff surprised to have become converts to the old standard.

Strawberry & Sour Cream

The idea of sour cream often turns people off this flavour until they taste it. The sour cream turns this strawberry ice cream into a super creamy dream. Make sure you ask for a sample.


Most people describe vanilla as plain, but all vanillas are not alike. We use a double strength Madagascar Bourbon vanilla in our ice cream, and it is anything but plain!


Made with real fruit!

Our sorbets are made with real fruit, so the flavour needs no description. Cherry tastes like cherry, Mango, like mangos etc. But sorbets, unlike ice cream don’t contain any dairy. So while ice cream is noted for its creaminess, sorbets have a much cleaner, fresher taste.

Blackberry Sorbet


Cherry Sorbet


Passionfruit Sorbet




Blod Orange Sorbet


Mango Sorbet




Strawberry -Kiwi



Spoil Yourself!

Jimmy Mac Brownie Attack

When we were first opening La Cigale in 2001, an old friend named James Mac told us one of the things on his bucket list was having an ice cream named after him. We went one better and named a whole sundae after him. Decadent and a chocolate lovers dream, this is one of my favourites. Fresh warm brownies with a scoop of Cappuccino and a scoop of Vanilla Bean ice cream, smothered in hot fudge sauce, real whipped cream and roasted almonds.

Berried Alive

A stunning looking sundae! We always get lots of comments when this one is served. Blackberry sorbet layered with fresh fruit, strawberry sauce, whipped cream and one of our homemade swizzle sticks. It’s so good!

Banana Split

I’m always surprised how many people have never tried a banana split. While it is a meal in itself, I believe it is something everyone should try at least once in there lives. 3 scoops of ice cream (customer’s choice of flavours), hot fudge, strawberry and butterscotch sauces, a banana (obviously), fresh whipped cream, nuts (if you like) and a garnish. Also a nice sundae to share with someone special.


A moment of nostalgia!

I like to think of myself as a milkshake connoisseur (if there is such a thing). Growing up my father bought one of those old mint green milkshake machines in a moment of nostalgia. So I had lots of opportunity to play around and come up with what I consider the best milkshake. Thick and smooth, and made with which every flavour you like… and we’ve seen some doozies!

Malted Milkshakes

Malted milkshakes or malts are hard to find these days. People often think they are just a thick milkshake, but in fact they are a milkshake with malt powder added to it. Now malt is a tricky flavour to explain, but if you have ever tried a Malteser, then you know what malt tastes like. I love malt, they are my go tos, when I’m in the mood to indulge, but it’s definitely a flavour that is hit and miss with folks. For first timers, I always recommend pairing malt with Vanilla, Chocolate or Cappuccino ice cream.

Frosted Mocha

You can find a frozen coffee drink just about everywhere these days. Ours is less milkshake-like as it is made with a homemade mocha sherbet, real espresso and ice. Not as sweet as many. Perhaps more of a grown up treat, but decadent just the same. Served with whipped cream and chocolate shavings.


Need an energy boost?

Whether you're in need of an energy boost, or are looking to refresh after a hike in the park, smoothies are an awesome way to pack tons of nutrition into a delicious, convenient treat

Very Berry





With our own freshly baked cookies!

Raspberry White Chocolate

Raspberry White Chocolate ice cream sandwiched between 2 homemade chocolate chip cookies.

Dulce de Leche

Dulce de Leche ice cream sandwiched between 2 of our All-Dressed cookies,.

Classic Vanilla

Vanilla bean ice cream sandwiched between our Double Chocolate cookies.

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